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This page provides a forum for the exploration of trends in spirituality from all perspectives, religious views, and spiritual orientations. You are welcome to share your views by contributing.


Photo of Buddha in Ruins


In the Land of Buddha:
Buddhism in Contemporary Thailand

A photographic exploration of spiritual Thailand.


Jeff the Baptist" provides commentary on trends in spirituality from a Christian perspective.

An Inner Light (vol. 1, #13) NEW

During a moment of despair, Jeff finds an Inner Light which provides inspiration in a difficult world.

He or She: What's in a Pronoun (vol. 1, #12)

Jeff responds to readers surprised at his use of the term *She* to refer to God. He looks at revised readings of the bible to point towards a fresh definition of our relationship with God.

Listening to the Silence (vol. 1, #11)

Jeff explores prayer and meditation and how it strengthens the spiritual experience.

When the Village Fails (vol. 1, #10)

Jeff looks at Littleton: "I’m numb. No matter how many times I look at the coverage, no matter how many conversations I have about it, I just can’t get used to the idea...."

Leaving the Old Formulas Behind (vol. 1, #9)

The Washington spin machine is in full gear these days. We must bomb Serbia we are told. It is the only way to prevent a human rights disaster we are told. Is it?

The Resurrection: But What Does It All Mean? (vol. 1, #8)

A reflection on the Easter holiday and the meaning behind the "Resurrection".

Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before Us (vol. 1, #7)

A reflective tribute to the passing of a special man and what lessons his life may hold for all of us.

Bitter Tears (vol. 1, #6)

An acidic critique of the cult of violence in our society and how we choose to deal with murderers, in light of the Texas condemnation of John King for the murder of James Byrd.

Feedback and Comments to #6

Accepting Without Adopting (vol. 1, #5)

In conversation with reactions to Whose God Is It Anyway?, a thoughtful look at how we may get along with those with whom we disagree so vehemently.

Whose God Is It Anyway? (vol. 1, #4)

A stinging rebuke of those who would try to remake the Divine in their own image to support their fears of homosexuality.

Feedback and Comments to #4

How Many Is Too Many? (vol. 1, #2)

In light of the coming over-population of our planet, a provactive view on the meaning of parenthood and whether it is possible, even desireable, to seek fulfillment in other ways than parenting.

Feedback and Comments to #2 (vol. 1, #3)

Ho Ho Hum (vol.1, #1)

Reacting to common Christmas sermons, a daring inquiry into what it would mean should we really tried to put the Christ back into Christmas.

Feedback and Comments to #1


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