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TREND accepts and encourages submissions! TREND seeks quality writing and art about trends across the globe and their impacts on people.TREND accepts work in all media transmittable through the Web technology. This includes (and is not limited to):

words (prose, poetry, short stories, fiction or non fiction)
visual arts (paintings, textiles, sculpture, film, photography)
electronic arts (computer animations)
sound (song, voice)

  • Material may also be submitted by postal mail to:

TREND Magazine
PO Box 2605
Seattle WA 98111 USA

  • If you want your materials returned, postal mail must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (or box) with correct return postage. Materials submitted without return postage will be considered property of TREND or may be disposed.
  • Material in electronic format may also be submitted by mail. 3.5" 1.44MB floppy, video and audiocassettes, CD-ROM, Iomega 100MB ZIP™ formats are currently accepted. Contact us regarding other media.
  • Photographs, and scannable flat art up to 8.5" X 11" are accepted. Three-dimensional art is best represented by photographs up to 8.5" x 11". 35mm slides are accepted.
  • To submit paper-based written articles, send a high quality, single-sided 8.5" x 11" photocopy typed in double space on plain, white paper. Use a normal font so that an optical character reader may easily scan it.
  • Include your name, address, phone numbers and email on the first page of any article or manuscript you submit, or mark any artwork with this information (e.g., label your floppy).
  • There is no word or size limit to submissions, however the form should be appropriate to the medium of Web-based communication. Writing must be concise. This medium demands clarity, impact, and easy readability.  Length is unimportant, succinctness is.
  • Feel free to submit multiple works, or multiple times.
  • TREND accepts only wholly original work. By submitting, you certify that the entry is your own, original work. It is the submitter’s responsibility that all copyright permissions are obtained for republication or when reusing elements of another’s work (e.g., collage, computer manipulation of art and photos). You must hold model releases for images of people.
  • Include a biography of 400 words or less. Indicate contact information (mailing address, phone number, fax number and email) suitable for publishing on the internet. We do not suggest using home/personal information; use a business or post office address.
  • Include a photograph (up to 8 " X 11") of yourself, or another image to represent yourself, for the biographical web page.
  • You may include an artist’s statement of 250 words or less about your work that explains its relationship to the magazine’s subject and theme.
  • Artwork may be used for illustrative purposes (e.g., appearing with an article) or by itself.
  • TREND’s primary language of publication is English. When submitting work in another language, please include an English language translation. Whenever possible, we will publish your work in both languages.
  • We will take the utmost care with the materials you provide. We cannot, however, be responsible for loss or damage. Do not send any original work.
  • By submitting your work for consideration, you give TREND permission to publish the work for an indefinite time, in electronic, print and other media, including promotional and advertising use. The artist retains all copyrights and we will post this notice with your work. TREND is not responsible for copyright violations or misuse by others.


TREND depends on its members and volunteers. We may take some time to reply to unsolicited manuscripts and several weeks to reply to queries. This is not a reflection of our assessment or interest in your work.

TREND is a trademark of Trend Ventures LLC.

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