Some of our dear friends and family have been so generous as to send or offer gifts for Ruby.  Some have asked what we may need or suggested putting together some kind of registry.  We truly appreciate all your generosity!

Here are some ideas:

For folks who may prefer to shop or do gift certificates on the net or through a print catalogue, here are some on-line/mail order stores are relevant to adoption and Chinese kids...

Asia for Kids
Books, Crafts, Dolls, Toys, etc., relating to Asian culture and children

Tapestry Books
Adoption books catalog

Chinese Child Book
Chinese Children's books, videos and more

China Books
Chinese books, videos and more

These stores have great wooden toys, natural, or organic products...

Rosie Hippos
Wooden Toys, Books, Games

EcoBaby Organics
Diapers, clothing, toys

Music for Little People
Music and instruments to stimulate young minds

Here are some things that Ruby will be sure to love:

* A page for Ruby's scrapbook: anything you would like to write/paint/collage/assemble for Ruby to treasure for years to come.  The pages in the book are 8 1/2" by 11", the standard letter paper size, so anything you send can be that size or smaller if it is one-sided, and we will glue it in.  Or, if you want yours to be double-sided, make it sturdy enough to be flipped and have three holes punched down the side if it.  Maximum size for this would be 9 1/4" by 11".  Have fun!

* Kid's art supplies- paint, paper, glitter, stickers, glue, weird stuff, pipe cleaners, you name it.

* Handmade/ handcarved/handsewn anything.

* Wooden toys of all kinds.

* Books- Ruby loves books

* Families With Children From China (FCC) membership renewals. This will keep her in touch with her sisters.

* Kids music- cds, tapes. She is a big fan of adult music too- her favorites are Salsa (the beat) and Chinese opera music (raucous hand cymbals)

* Plant a tree in her honor.

* Donations toward her Mandarin lessons.

* Mothering Magazine subscriptions

* Toys that need her to move/figure out something.

* Musical instruments/drums- so that she can bang out her own music.

* Donations into Ruby's college fund. 

* Alternately you may wish to make a donation to Half the Sky Foundation which supports children in China still awaiting adoption or the FWCC national appeal.. 

There are a few things that we are trying to avoid:

- Please, no weapons/pirates/gladiators/knights/guns/war toys of any kind.

- nothing with batteries.

- no stuffed animals (hard to resist, we know, but she has been flooded with them)

- no videos.

- please, no dolls.  This is because it is impossible to find one with truly Asian features that she can safely play with.


Thank you for all of  your best wishes and the love you have showered upon this little munchkin!


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