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Call for Artists and Writers


Trend is a new on-line magazine specifically focusing on the reporting and analysis of trends in contemporary culture. It is a multi-disciplinary, general interest publication.

You can become involved by submitting content! We seek quality writing and art about trends across the globe and their impacts on people.  Accepted submitters receive a free membership and published biographical web page.

What is the trend most impacting your life right now? Your field of work or study? Who are the trendsetters in your community making positive changes for the future? Express yourself, we'd love to hear from you!

TREND accepts work in all media transmittable through the Web technology. This includes (and is not limited to):

words (prose, poetry, short stories, fiction or non fiction)
visual arts (paintings, textiles, sculpture, film, photography)
electronic arts (computer animations)
sound (song, voice)

For complete submission information, see our submission guidelines.

For More Information Contact:

TREND Magazine
PO Box 2605
Seattle, WA 98111 USA




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