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Isaac Newton

     At the age of fifty Isaac Newton had a breakdown.  I read five biographies about his life and it was only mentioned once.  A small chart in the appendix said, "mental breakdown," with no explanation.

     I believe that biographical writers want to create monuments.

     "Isaac Newton grappled with gravity and forged history with his own hands.  He was a thinker to end all thought."

     But Isaac broke down.  He left university life, never to return, and went to work for the Royal mint.  The way I see it he spent years trying to make a connection between the motion of the tides and the movement of the moon, between an apple falling and a gun firing.  All those days and months of inventing calculus, studying the nature of light, and understanding gravity finally got to him.

     He needed a vacation.

     At the mint he turned pieces of gold and silver into small circles.


-- Stokley Towles




Originally published by L D Books, used with permission.


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