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For The Man Who Thought He Validated My Beauty

I have found you amongst
my grandmother's mother's
Your smell is full of
ancient secrets
and faded kimonos that have
survived WWII.

Say you will protect me.

When moon and i
are taunted in delicious
conversation at night.

When the men
clean their guilt
on my vulnerable body.

When his words
belittle my intellect
and scrape my face.

Love me
like a five year old
loves attention.
Want me like my boss does.

a million pieces of
for the babies to
digest during late October.

Womanhood you are my
my only lover.
in my time of desperation
i beg.
Christen me
with all of your safety.


-- Yoko Shimomura




Originally published by L D Books, used with permission.


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