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David Thornbrugh, Writer

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I've been writing poems in the past 2-3 years after a drought of about 15 years.  Got published in numerous small press mags back in the seventies, probably Mississippi Mud is the only one that's still around -- and that I think in a reincarnated form.  A west coast person all my life, staring in Northern California and three-four years in Portland mid-seventies. Went to Japan for about seven years where the train system that Godzilla munched on beat most of the poetry out of me.  But since moving to Seattle in '90 and beginning to meditate on a Buddhist path, the poems have been bubbling back up.   Have been published most recently in the local homeless mag, Real Change, as well as Calliope and The Open Bone.  Work as a tech writer for a small software company, a common day job for poets in these parts.
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Selected Work in TREND

"Rain in the Sahara" (Poem)
"Teeth" (Poem)
"Not This Time" (Poem)


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