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Thomas Granata, Sculptor

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I'm originally from a small town in New Jersey and also lived in Philadelphia for several years before moving to Seattle in 1990. My parents were immigrants from Italy.  I was a chemistry major at Rutgers University and worked as a chemist after graduating, but have since worked at many jobs, including social worker and advertising representative.  I didn't get interested in art -- and then only as a viewer -- until after a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art while I was in college.

I'm self-taught except for some non-credit courses at various locations and courses in 2D and 3D design at the University of Washington.   After moving to Philadelphia, I got interested in drawing and then in making 3-dimensional objects.  I made some functional clay pieces, but soon started doing sculptures in clay, wood, and later stone.  In wood I like to do both carvings and assemblages or constructions.  Sometimes I imagine a shape or form in my head and then try to duplicate it.  Other times I start out with no definite object in mind, and let the sculpture form itself as I go along.  I often put holes in pieces as it gives me a feeling of lightness or "all-around-ness".  I do only non-objective works-- I'm always simply trying to make an interesting or unusual looking object.

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