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Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo, Artist & Writer

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I am an American artist teaching and working at an International School in Harare, Zimbabwe.  I went to undergraduate school in Austin, Texas and graduate school at the Maryland Art Institute, College of Art in Baltimore.   I have an upcoming show of my Sadza fabric paintings and my pencil drawings at the "Art Center for the Ozarks".  This is a new medium for me because I learned how to do this here in Zimbabwe.  I have never worked with fabric resists before.

I am also a poet and write frequently.  I am influenced by working in this interesting country, by the people here, and the ever changing African landscape.  Living and teaching abroad is a dream come true for me.

I often work with local guest artists that I invite into the classroom.  I also organize trips for my students with a Science and English teacher to the Zambezi River Valley on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe for an Art/Biology trip.  We have an up-close experience with the landscape and many animals.  We draw clouds, paint Baobabs and do sculpture with plaster casts of animal prints, (such as the leopard piece included on TREND) and we sit quietly and write while on this school trip of a lifetime.

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