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Ione Citrin, Artist & Writer

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Ever since I can remember I've always had a desire to communicate with every person in the world.  At first I thought I could satisfy this need through travel.   And so I sallied forth; touring for over thirty years through India, Africa, Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South and Central the more usual places in the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean and the like.  I even scoured more remote areas of the world like Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands, Myanmar, Nepal, Srinigar.

There is almost nothing or no one which escaped my curiosity.  Throughout these countries I managed to speak with everyone I could.  Most conversations were held in my ability to pantomime, and a universal sign language of sorts.  I've taped, recorded and photographed my "conversations" from inside the huts of African villages to the alleys of remote towns in China.  I've chewed beetlenuts with women squatting in circles in temple areas in Algeria.  Accepted because I was a woman, and more importantly, I presented myself as "one of them".  Been in places where no one had ever heard of the Jewish religion.  I could go on with my endless adventures...endlessly.  But these did not quench my thirst for communication.

Then there was my performing career which afforded me the financial freedom to travel.  This consisted of a thirty year period performing on a variety of television and radio commercials recorded in the Chicago area (a town rife with ad agencies and commercial post production houses).  With an ear for mimicry, and an ability to sight-read, I was a "natural" for voice-overs.  I sang, and did multiple voices on all sorts of recordings in the the Chicago and Midwest area.  The average listener was unaware of my identity (doing commercials as a "voice" is anonymous, particularly since my repertoire consists of a huge range of voices similar to Mel Blanc).  Old ladies, children, accents, dialects, impersonations, cartoon characters were my forte.

I was able to accomplish these voices through visual images of the characters.  If I could see the person I was trying to capture, I could produce the voice or sound.  Then there was television career, which embraced seven years of a daily morning television show in the Chicago area for WLS-TV.  My show was called "The Prize Movie with Ion."  Here I chatted and connected with fellow Chicagoans five mornings a week.  The show was the highest rated television show in that time slot, until it was replaced by "Good Morning America".

But this was not enough.

I was tired of physically performing.  Tired of presenting myself in this "clownish" fashion, I took this huge imagination coupled with endless driving energy and thrust it on canvas, cast it clay, and welded it metal.  Now I can reach out beyond the limits of my previous endeavors to touch and find love, appreciation, and understanding.

My art reaches out from my heart, guts, body and soul to all!

Ione Citrin can be reached at:

phone: (310) 556-4382
fax: (310)-556-1664

Her work can be seen elsewhere on the web at:


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