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Photo of "George #44" by Claudia Hardey von der Heydt

This is George on his way to the busstop. He's thinking about how cities have an observable insanity index - and that cities rise to a certain level of worldliness when the insanity index permits people to openly display their tics and quirks on public transportation - things like incessant rummaging, twitching, monologues etc.
George feels most secure in cities with a relatively high insanity index, allowing, but not requiring public displays of derailed individuality.

Cities with overblown insanity indexes seemed to require you to display a tic or quirk to be allowed to ride the bus.



"George #44"  from 'The 107 Georges'

by Claudia Hardey von der Heydt

Ink on Canvas
5" x 7"

Claudia Hardey von der Heydt 1997


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